About deployit

No more spreadsheets

No more spreadsheets,
no more queues.

Every company understands the need to update technology and most undertake a major IT upgrade every few years. Co-ordinating the rollout of IT hardware during such an upgrade is a complex and costly exercise, especially as modern workforces are spread across multiple locations and many employees have flexible working patterns.

Traditionally the project delivery team manages this process through hard work and spread sheets. Now there is deployit.

Deployit is the only communication and appointment management platform designed specifically for IT rollouts. It empowers project managers, it gives employees flexibility, it improves attendance and it reduces costs.

If you are planning a technology upgrade in the next few years, let us show you what deployit will do.

Ensuring an optimum flow of appointments each day was crucial: too many would result in extended waiting times and a loss of productivity; too few in an extended rollout period, increased costs and wasted resource. Deployit managed the flow perfectly. Mark Lambert
The Laptop Rollout Team – EE

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