Data validation: Expect the unexpected!

The data validation stage of our process always throws up the biggest surprises. It is often over looked but is without doubt a crucial stage for any successful laptop rollout.

A large workforce changes on a day-to-day basis and a company’s structure is often far more complex than it initially realises. So when we first sit down to consult with a new client we know to take the figures with a pinch of salt.

What causes this? Staff turnover is obviously a huge factor, but most clients account for this when the numbers are prepared. What they often don’t account for however, are far more obscure reasons…

The stick or the carrot

Many clients ask us whether we recommend the stick or the carrot when it comes to making appointments for employees to collect their new laptop. The honest answer is a bit of both: Offer several delicious carrots, but always have a big stick to hand!

It varies from project-to-project, but in most cases there is a brand new laptop on offer so most employees want to get their hands on it as soon as possible. And for these rollout participants the carrot is always sufficient and within hours of their invitation they will have confirmed an appointment and within days they’ll be backing up their data and preparing their old machine for replacement…