Roll out in style

Deployit is an email and appointment management platform designed specifically for IT rollouts.

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EE Deployit provided EE with an excellent professional communications channel to its employees. Clear delivery information, FAQ’s, appointment times and the chance to reschedule appointments to more convenient times were key to the high success rate we achieved on the project. Kevin Clarke & Mark Lambert
The Laptop Rollout Team – EE

No more spreadsheets,
no more queues

Giving flexibility to users but control to the rollout team

Giving flexibility to users but control to the rollout team

Users are able to choose and re-arrange their appointment as many times as they like, up until lockdown. The rollout team determines the lockdown date, has full visibility and ultimate control.

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Everything visible
and in one place

Instantly know the status of each individual and have access to a complete transactional history for each migration. The deployit dashboard provides gives you a complete graphical overview of the rollout making it easy for you to manage all your locations, users and slots in one place.

Complete transactional history for each migration

Real time statistics

At a glance see which locations and time slots are proving to be the most popular.

Administrative control

Everything in one place. Admin features make it easy to control appointments and user details.

More migrations –
        fewer excuses

Automated reminders and nudges keep appointments fresh in the user’s mind.

Generate reports

Always be prepared for progress meetings throughout the rollout with live reports available to export, email or share.


After migration all users are invited to share feedback on their rollout experience.

User control

Users are given flexibility to choose a date, location and time slot that suits them best. They can change their mind as much as they like – until lock down.

A truly global solution

A truly global solution

Deployit enables project managers from different countries to collaborate and share. Know exactly how the rollout is going anywhere in the world at any time.

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Red carpet treatment

Make users feel extra special. Deployit delivers detailed personal communications and provides a booking system that works around them.

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Red carpet treatment

A proven process for successful deployment

  1. Education


    A workforce that understands the importance of a rollout is more likely to cooperate;
  2. Preparation


    Rollouts run smoother and quicker if users have prepared their laptop and data before exchange;
  3. Deployment


    Regular, automated communications reduce missed appointments, maximising resource and expediting rollouts;
  4. Feedback


    Instant feedback means you learn and improve mid-project.

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