The deployit service


Benefits for users

  • Increased awareness
  • Appointment flexibility
  • Timely reminders

Benefits for company

  • Reduced cost
  • Improved attendance
  • Shorter rollout period

Benefits for managers

  • Control
  • Visibility
  • Flexibility

Project support

  • Dedicated project manager

    offering strategic advice and consultation throughout the project

  • Implementation team

    managing all aspects of design, campaign build and project support

  • Copywriting team

    delivering a consistent message across all communications

Data management

  • Online data validation form

    know where everyone is, what they need and what they’ll be returning

  • Deployit dashboard

    giving the roll out team complete control of data management

  • Data analysis

    instantly compare progress of multiple projects across the globe

  • Search

    global search functionality allows you to see status of any individual

Appointment management

  • Secure online booking form

    unique encrypted links only accessible from selected IP ranges

  • Flexible booking system

    users are able to re-arrange up to the point of lock down

  • Historical audit trail

    see a full appointment history for each user

  • Appointment management portal

    global portal allowing project team to make appointments and override where necessary

  • Confirmation emails

    instantly confirm details of every change to every appointment

  • Controlled flexibility

    giving flexibility to users but control to the rollout team


  • Awareness emails

    building anticipation and credibility for the project

  • Data validation emails

    know what is required and what you’ll get back

  • Education emails

    explaining exactly what user must do before migration

  • Initial invitation emails

    personal invitations to make an appointment at a convenient time

  • Chaser emails to non-responders

    series of automated emails to non-responders

  • Appointment reminder emails

    timely reminders to minimise no-shows

  • Appointment reminder SMS

    on-the-day reminder with helpful directions


  • Live reports available 24/7

    always available and always up-to-date

  • Drilldown global reporting

    never more than 5 clicks away from the detail you need

  • On-the-go reporting

    check progress on-the-go with the deployit web app

  • Daily attendee reports

    a daily customised statement available via email or download

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  • Weekly progress reports

    a customised weekly statement

  • Meeting-ready presentations

    presentations read for meetings or sharing

  • Online feedback survey

    Mid-project live feedback ensures potential for improvement